Gregor Jackson Update

Gregor called us last night and was in good spirits. Below is what he posted on Facebook early this morning:

The side wound.
"One of two bullet wounds I received from a crazed, unknown black male motorist leaving Birmingham Sunday morning. He pulled up next to me at 55 mph and discharged six 9 mm rounds into my car. I got one in my shoulder and one in my side. They are going to leave both bullets inside me. Hopefully I go home today."

We are all wishing Gregor a speedy and complete recovery!

Wednesday, November 7 Update: Gregor was released from the hospital yesterday and is resting at home. He will return for a progress checkup in two weeks if there are no problems in the interim.

Gregor Jackson Shot!

Yesterday morning, Sunday, November 4, Son-in-law Gregor took Melanie to the Birmingham airport for her flight to Tampa. He then drove north on Highway 79 to return to Arab. In a sparsely populated area north of Pinson, a car pulled up beside Gregor and started shooting with a pistol. About 5 bullets hit the car and 2 wounded Gregor. Read More...

Martin Boys Leave

Brenden and Dylan embrace Barbara.
The Martin family next door has sold their house and are moving to Florida. For the past 3 years their twin boys, Brenden and Dylan, have come over almost every day for cookies and chat. Yesterday they left for their summer vacation, but they came over one last time to say goodbye. Read More...

Robin Visits Alabama

Melanie and Robin.
Daughter Robin McNair of Michigan made her first trip to Alabama in late May. It was fortunate that daughter Melanie Jackson and her husband Gregor also were able to spend a lot of time at the Phillips house during the four days of Robin's visit. Adding to the fun were the Martin twin boys from next door and their dad, Butch. Ideal weather made the entire affair a time to remember. For some pictures of our back deck festivities click this link.

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