The Jacksons Bring Dinner

Today daughter Melanie and son-in-law Gregor brought a belated Christmas dinner to our house. All we had to do was set the table and enjoy both the food and company. Slick roads led to a two day postponement, but today was beautiful with melting snow. We had a wonderful meal and a pleasant visit. Thank you Melanie & Gregor for a nice afternoon!

Christmas at the Martins

Our next door neighbors, Butch & Burgie, invited us to share Christmas dinner with them and we eagerly accepted. It was a wonderful afternoon with the family including the boy's grandmother, Francine, from Oregon.
Dylan & Brenden with new horns.
Dylan and Brenden both got new horns for Christmas and they serenaded us.

Due to the snow and Barbara's walking issues the boys came and picked us up in the family golf cart. And Butch delivered us back home later that evening in still more snow. It might have been cold outside, but we had a great time devouring the goose dinner with all the trimmings. Plus home-made apple strudel with ice cream. Thanks to the Martin family for sharing their special day with us!

Texas Trip To The Russell's

With Barbara's condition being somewhat improved we elected to accept Bob & Lorraine Russell's invitation to visit them in Haslet, TX. The drive both ways in light traffic and mostly good weather could not have gone smoother.

The Blue Angels in formation.
We also enjoyed perfect weather in Texas where we sat in the Russell backyard and watched the Blue Angels practice and perform an air show at nearby Alliance Airport. That was certainly better than enduring the heavy traffic and large crowds; plus we had our own drinks.

Once again Bob and Lorraine were the perfect hosts and we seriously considered staying longer, but did not want to wear Barbara down too much. We will return!

Barbara's Mother Dies

Barbara's mother, Dorothy Selbmann, passed away on Thursday, October 21, 2010, at the age of 95. Read More...

Update on Barbara

Things are progressing well, but slowly. The oral prednisone doses are being decreased and her walking is improved. Also, some usage of the right hand has returned. Sleep is still good and she feels very good. The balance is better, but bears watching. Tremors are still present, but somewhat reduced. Every day sees a slight improvement.

Barbara's Update

It has been an interesting period since the diagnosis was made earlier this month. There has been positive progress and though it seems slow, every day brings some improvement. Read More...

Barbara's Diagnosis

For over eight months now Barbara has been seeing doctors and trying several different medications in an attempt to quell her tremors and other associated problems. This past week she finally received what appears to be an accurate appraisal with a treatment schedule. Read More...

Dinner at the Bizer's

Yesterday evening we once again headed to Huntsville to have dinner with Jim and Karen Bizer. They also invited a couple of their long-time friends and we had a delightful experience along with an excellent dinner. They are always the perfect hosts and we thank them for inviting us.

Pine Lake Ice Cream Social

Yesterday we attended the annual Pine Lake Club Ice Cream social and it was great once again! The weather was hot, which made the ice cream and other treats taste even better. For a few pictures check the PLC Socials page.

Chris & Dawn Visit

Chris between Dylan & Brenden Martin.
Daughter Dawn Sloat and her son Christoph drove up from Florida on July 27 for visit. Chris is shown between neighbors Dylan and Brenden Martin who were looking forward to his arrival. Read More...

Independence Day Celebration

Pine Lake Club celebrated Independence Day on July 10 since there were so many other activities on the weekend of the fourth. We seldom miss a neighborhood party and we enjoyed this one even if the turn-out was a bit light. There are a number of very good cooks in the area and we always relish eating the various items presented. For a few pictures of the event check the PLC Socials page.

Barbara Goes To The Hospital

An unexpected trip to Marshall Medical Center was Barbara's fate on Friday afternoon. It's only 15 minutes from the house, even if you miss the couple of traffic lights, and the care is great. But she would still rather not make the trip. Read More...

Back To The Long Branch Opry

Last night was another great evening of music at the local Long Branch Opry. For $15 each we enjoyed over three hours of bluegrass playing. Our review is on the music page.

Jack's Class Reunion

We recently made the two day trip to Rose Hill, Kansas, for a reunion of Jack's 1955 high school class. The drive was uneventful with no problems. It was great to see the classmates and the attendance was very good with 14 folks able to make it. For a change we stayed at the Air Capital Inn on McConnell AFB and the quarters were exceptional! Plus it was very convenient to Rose Hill. A great trip!

To The Long Branch

Last night was another great evening of music at the local Long Branch Opry. It was a sell-out crowd for a top notch performance. Our review is on the music page.

Dinner at the Bizer's

Yesterday afternoon we went to Huntsville for a visit with our friends Jim and Karen Bizer. Once again they presented a lovely meal and were the perfect hosts. Thanks to Jim and Karen it was another wonderful evening.

A Night At The Long Branch Opry

It was another enjoyable evening at the local Long Branch Opry where we heard over three hours of wonderful bluegrass and gospel music. As usual, our review is on the music page.

Pine Lake Wine & Cheese Social

Yesterday evening we went to a nice Pine Lake Club party. The turnout moderate, however, we had a wonderful time and enjoyed visiting with our neighbors. There are some pictures on the Pine Lake Club web site.

Long Branch Opry Returns!

Yesterday evening we once again attended the nearby Long Branch Opry, a music hall that specializes in bluegrass. It has been closed for the past three years and it was great to have them back in business. Our review is on the music page.

Texas Trip To The Russell's

We just returned from a wonderful visit to see our good friends in Texas, Bob and Lorraine Russell.
Lorraine, Barbara, and Bob are full.

Chocolate & Champagne, Oh My!

Yesterday evening we headed to Huntsville for Jim & Karen Bizer's 7th Annual Champagne and Chocolate Fest. This is our favorite party of the year hosted by our good friends. Once again there were well over 50 interesting people and this time two of Jim's sons and their wives flew in just for this event and to help with all the details. Since Jack was driving the champagne consumption was minimal, however, we made up for it with lots of chocolate sampling. We had a great time! Thanks again Jim & Karen for having this and inviting us.

Bizer's Come to Dinner

Once again our good friends, Jim and Karen Bizer, made the trip from Huntsville to join us for dinner yesterday. As always, we had a very enjoyable evening with lively conversation. Their unflappable demeanor lets them handle life's challenges with grace. We are always inspired by their visit. Come again soon!

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