Russells Visit Phillips

Bob and Lorraine Russell stopped by for a visit on their way to Georgia.
Bob & Lorraine Russell.

Alabama Tornadoes – April 27, 2011

The good news is the Phillips family was unscathed. The bad news is the damage is all around us and six people are confirmed dead in Arab just two miles from our home with many more killed around the state. Electric power was out for over five days from 2:45 pm Wednesday to 6:05 pm Monday, May 2. Read More...

Russells Visit Arab

Bob & Lorraine Russell
Bob and Lorraine Russell from Haslet, Texas, came by for a nice visit this week.

As usual, we ate and talked a lot. They were headed to Georgia for the Easter weekend so could only stay for a few days, but we enjoyed every moment. There was much to review since we had last been together in 2010. Read More...

Update on Barbara

Much has transpired since the last update, but overall Barbara's condition is about the same. The good news is she is able to walk around in the house okay without assistance and can do a bit of gardening outside. And she continues to feel well. Read More...

Update on Barbara

Barbara suffered a relapse of the Hashimoto's encephalopathy on December 13. Since then conditions have been somewhat worse with lots of ups and downs. Read More...

Chocolate & Champagne

Yesterday evening we headed to Huntsville for Jim & Karen Bizer's 8th Annual Champagne and Chocolate Fest. This is our favorite party of the year hosted by our good friends. The word is out within their family and this year they had 4 sons, 1 daughter, and 1 daughter-in-law attending and helping. As usual we enjoyed lots of chocolate sampling and had a great time! Thanks once again Jim & Karen for having celebration and inviting us.

The Bizers Visit

Jim and Karen Bizer with Running Bear.
Jim and Karen Bizer drove down from Huntsville to join us for lunch at the local Mt Fuji Japanese Restaurant. Running Bear came along for the ride to check out our snow situation. After lunch we had dessert and coffee at home while catching up on the latest news. We always enjoy their visits. Thanks for coming Jim and Karen (and Bear too).

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