Virginia Trip - Dick and Jan Phillips

The last trip of the year was to Virginia to visit long-time friends, Dick & Jan Phillips. Read More...

Texas Trip to The Russells

Bob looks at the cake.
A great trip to see our friends, Bob and Lorraine Russell, in Texas and help celebrate Bob's 70th birthday. We can only guess his thoughts as he contemplates the cake (and the years perhaps). But he really did have a good time along with the rest of us. Read More...

Michigan Trip

We had a pleasant trip to Michigan to visit with Brian, Kim, and Hunter Bos.The weather was fall-like with a few rain showers, but we did get to check out Kensington Metropark, a nice nature oriented park where Hunter has spent some time. And of course, Jack got to make a stop at the local Apple Store to check out the latest computer toys. Gas prices were lower than usual with our cheapest purchase at $2.21 per gallon and even the motel prices were moderate. It was another enjoyable trip.

A Trip To Eastern Virginia

Dick and Jan Phillips
For the first time in many years we visited friends in Eastern Virginia. First to Yorktown and then to New Port to see Dick and Jan Phillips. Dick and Jack served together long ago in Air Force days. Read More...

Texas and The Russells

After delaying a planned June visit, we had a very nice eight day trip to Texas to see our good friends Bob & Lorraine Russell. As usual they were the perfect hosts. We again made the rounds to some favorite locations. Read More...

Michigan Trip

Our spring visit to Michigan is now over. It went smoothly with the exception of Jack picking up a sinus-related problem on the last day in Michigan; that took some of the fun out of the return trip. The grand kids are growing quickly and we attended Nathan's graduation ceremony (from nursery school). We also got to see Hunter play a baseball game where he hit a double. Our favorite junk store in Van Wert, Ohio, was closed for an unknown reason, but we did get to have lunch at the Earthen Treasures Natural Food Market in Berne, Indiana; always a great stop.

Gospel Steel Guitar Show

Another great weekend at the Gospel Steel Guitar show in Indianapolis, IN. Our brief report shows a few of the artists. This is always an inspirational event!

Missouri Trip

Well, we're back from another excellent trip to St. Charles, Missouri, where we visited Barbara's cousin, Christine Kurtz-Fuerhoff and her daughter, Hannah. As usual we ate a lot of outstanding meals, but Christine introduced a new twist when she brought home a 50-piece box of our favorite fried chicken! And of course we again checked out Whole Foods Market in St. Louis where we had lunch after "grazing" the store. Christine also introduced us to Global Foods, an international supermarket with nearly 30,000 products from every continent; a real adventure. And we saw the Missouri home of Daniel Boone, Boonesfield Village, which we enjoyed. It was a smooth trip both ways and the new Civic got over 43 miles to the gallon when we drove at the legal 65 mph in KY and IL.

The Russells Visit Arab

Our friends from Texas, Bob & Lorraine Russell, just departed on their way to Washington, DC, after spending a couple of days with us. This was their first time in Arab so we showed them a few of the local "sights". We enjoyed the visit and wished they could have stayed longer.

Florida Trip

Just back from our spring trip to Florida. Our new car performed great and got over 40 miles to the gallon while cruising at 70 mph. Visited with the Selbmanns, Ed & Pat Bergmann, and our hosts, Wally & Emily Gore. Another very nice trip with good weather except for the seven hours of rain on the way down.

A New Car!

Not an unusual event for most folks, but today we bought a new car! Read More...

Visit With Dan and Syl Cherry

Jack recently made e-mail contact with a fighter pilot friend from Air Force days; they had not seen each other since 1974. So we made a lunch date and drove up to Bowling Green, Kentucky, today to spend the afternoon with Dan Cherry and his wife Syl. They are both looking great and it was wonderful to see them again. Dan and Jack were stationed together four times during their Air Force careers; Germany, Thailand, Kansas, and Florida.

Texas Trip - Russells

After laying low for a couple of months (we don't travel during holidays), we took a pleasant trip to Haslet, Texas, and once again visited with our friends, Bob and Lorraine Russell. Read More...

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