Michigan Trip

Our semi-annual Michigan trip is now history; an enjoyable journey with pleasant weather. It was again an 8 day trip to visit Robin and her family in Kalamazoo and then Brian and his family in Walled Lake. Madison had a quick trip to the emergency room after eating some poisonous berries, but is back to normal now. We mostly take back roads on our trips and sometimes find interesting places. This time it was a fine health food store in Berne, Indiana. Earthen Treasures Natural Food Market had a great selection and a nice cafe, where we had a wonderful meal and gourmet coffee.

Missouri Trip

We just had another very nice trip to St. Charles, Missouri, to visit Barbara's cousin, Christine Kurtz-Fuerhoff and her daughter, Hannah. A terrific thunderstorm welcomed us and we lost power for about 4 hours in the evening, but it was only a minor annoyance to us; others in the city were not as fortunate. One of the highlights was a trip to the Whole Foods Market in St. Louis, a great store we will investigate more closely in the future. Thanks to Christine for once again being the perfect hostess.

Hurricane Katrina - Minor Problems

Hurricane Katrina came close, but was just a nuisance to us. We only received about 2 inches of rain, but did have some healthy wind gusts, which filled yards with tree limbs. Some power lines were downed and we were without power for 21 hours. We were able to get online with the laptop and a dial up connection and we powered the fridge with an inverter hooked to the truck. Sure gets dark here without electricity!

Texas Trip - Russells

We had a very nice week-long trip to Texas to visit our friends, Bob and Lorraine Russell. Read More...

2005 "Trip To Nowhere"

We just returned from our annual "trip to nowhere", which this time was mostly in Arkansas. We even wrote a recap of this journey. Read More...

Visit to "Treasure Hunt"

We took a three day jaunt to Mississippi and visited all seven locations of our favorite junk store, Treasure Hunt. Naturally we bought some stuff, but nothing that we can't immediately use or eat. As luck would have it, we were in Picayune, MS, when tropical storm Cindy came ashore nearby. We slept through it even though the area got high winds and eight inches of rain. Another nice trip.

Michigan Trip

Back from an 8 day trip to Michigan to visit Robin and her family in Kalamazoo and then Brian and his family in Walled Lake. All went well except for the traffic and road conditions in Michigan. Several major interstate exits were closed and other main roads torn up without any clues on where to go; it made a 2 hour trip into 5 hours on Friday, but we made it anyhow. Check the family page for a couple updated pictures.

Rose Hill Class Reunion

This time it was a trip to Rose Hill, Kansas, for Jack's 50th high school reunion, which was a great success. 17 of the remaining 19 graduates showed up. The entire trip went well and we even managed to return through Mississippi for a stop at our favorite junk store, Treasure Hunt.

Gospel Steel Guitar Show

We just spent a couple of fun days in Indianapolis, Indiana, at our favorite annual event, The Gospel Steel Guitar Show. Check our review page for a bit more about the event and some pictures.

Florida Trip

Just back from our spring visit to Florida. It was nice to see our hosts, Wally & Emily Gore. It was an opportunity to see some family members that we don't see very often; there is a nice picture in the next section. Read More...

Texas Trip - The Russells

For our first real trip of the year it was back to Haslet, Texas, (just north of Fort Worth) for another wonderful visit with Bob & Lorraine Russell. Besides our great, lengthy conversations we also checked out the Trade Days at Canton and enjoyed the best food store we've ever seen at the Central Market in Fort Worth; this is a must-see.

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