Veteran's Day at The Park

Jack and Barbara
We attended the Veteran's Day Program at Arab's City Park this afternoon and it was a beautiful fall day. Read More...

Tennessee Flea Market Trip

Yesterday we again went to the Sweetwater, TN, Flea Market and ate at Wally's in Chattanooga. The food at Wally's was great as usual, but the service was not up to their usual standards; we'll chalk it up to just an off day and we plan to return the next time we're in the area. The weather was beautiful, we saw some friends, the traffic was light to moderate, and we had a fine day.

PLC Oktoberfest

Today we attended an Oktoberfest neighborhood social at our club pavilion. It was perfect weather, great food, and a nice turnout. A few pictures are on the Pine Lake Club web site.

Cardinal Rose Store Visit

Today we made our first visit to the Cardinal Rose Organic Grocery Store near Albertville, AL. Along with a nice selection of organic produce, meat, eggs, and other items they also serve lunch. Naturally we had to partake and found everything to be delicious and fairly priced. We look forward to a return visit.

New Bos Family Pictures

Brian sent new pictures of his family today; check their Family page.

Lunch with Ed and Teri Williams

For lunch today we dined with Ed and Teri Williams at Percasso's Gourmet Coffee Shop in Guntersville. The atmosphere is like eating in a small art gallery and they have a nice selection of sandwiches and salads. It rates another visit. We also enjoyed our time with Ed and Teri.

Tennessee Flea Market Trip

Today it was back to the Sweetwater, TN, Flea Market and our day of eating out at Wally's in Chattanooga and other spots. Then we visited Russell Cave in Northern Alabama. It was our first time at this National Monument and we were impressed with how the Park Service has handled the site. Alabama has many caves and we have seen most of them.

Brian, Kim and Hunter Visit

Brian, Kim, and Hunter Bos from Walled Lake, Michigan, visited us for several days. Read More...

Sweetwater, TN Flea Market Trip

Every once in a while we take a day trip somewhere and today it was to the Sweetwater, Tennessee, Flea Market. We don't ever buy much, but do enjoy getting some home-canned items from one of the couples who make wonderful products. Then we headed to Chattanooga for the East Ridge Flea Market, a couple of thrift stores, and one of our favorite places to eat, Wally's at East Ridge. It was a pleasant, lovely day.

Gospel Steel Guitar Show

After a couple of months at home we attended our annual Gospel Steel Guitar Show in Indianapolis, Indiana, this past weekend. It was fabulous, as usual, and the trip went well both ways. If interested, look at some of the performer's pictures on our review page.

Florida Trip

It was time for our annual visit to Florida and it went well, but we're glad we don't live there. Read More...

Texas, Russells, and The Gaithers

Our latest trip to Texas is now history and as usual, the visit with Bob & Lorraine Russell was great; we talked for days. February was picked so we could accompany them on their annual jaunt to the Bill Gaither Homecoming concert. It was a wonderful experience in the beautiful American Airlines Center. The weather was uneventful both directions and we had a pleasant trip.

A Wedding in Saint Charles, Missouri

Lee and Christine Casten
We just returned from Saint Charles, MO, where we attended the lovely wedding of Barbara's cousin, Christine Kurtz Fuerhoff, and Lee Roy Casten. Read More...

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