Barbara's Diagnosis

In July Barbara's local doctor, Dr. Jeff Saylor, referred her to a neurologist in Huntsville, Dr. George Morgan at the The Clinic for Neurology. The initial visit included an extensive consultation plus numerous tests (16 vials of blood). It took several weeks for those results and after review Dr. Morgan then scheduled an MRI and spinal tap for this past Tuesday, September 7. He also made an appointment for Thursday, September 9, to review all the tests. At this appointment he conducted several electronic muscle reaction tests and finally arrived at a diagnosis. It turns out to be a rare affliction, Hashimoto's Encephalopathy, which he has treated before, but only sees one or two cases per year. It is a treatable condition and her procedures are scheduled to start tomorrow, Monday, September 13. There will be five days of IV Steroids followed by about three weeks of oral prednisone. If all of this is well tolerated then she will be tested again to evaluate the progress. We are hoping for some quick improvement!

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