Gregor Jackson Shot!

Gregor's law enforcement training kicked in and he accelerated away from the car, which then made a quick 180˚ turn and disappeared to the south. Gregor was able to pull over to the side of the road and call 911. Then he called Melanie who was already on her Southwest flight. Since the plane had not been pulled away from the gate she demanded to be let off even though they told her that was not possible. After her more vocal demand they finally let her deplane. She was in phone contact with Gregor who was alert and she heard the police and EMT crew arrive. A decision was made to transport him to the UAB Medical Center in Birmingham so Melanie got a cab and went to await his arrival at the emergency room. While waiting she called us with what details were known at that point. Naturally, when Gregor arrived she hung up.

Later in the day Melanie updated us with what had transpired. Gregor has a bullet wound in the left side near the ribs and one in the right shoulder. Fortunately no bones were broken and no organs were punctured. The bullets had gone through the car door and that probably lessened their impact somewhat. He was admitted to ICU where they worked to stop the bleeding while administering a transfusion.The wounds are not life-threatening. Melanie is staying in a nearby hotel and her personal executive assistant, Vaughn, is flying in from Tampa to help. We will know more today after the doctors make their detailed examinations and decide how to handle the embedded bullets.

Also the Blount County Sheriff's office is sending an investigator to get a more complete report. As of now, the shooter is still at large and no motive is known.

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