Barbara Makes A Hospital Visit.

It was a normal morning (about 6 AM) and we were at our respective computers checking the email and news when Barbara realized something was wrong. She attempted to tell Jack who was only about six feet away, but the words were gibberish. Jack turned around and started asking questions while looking for signs of a stroke, but none of the major symptoms appeared to be stroke related. Nonetheless, he immediately got her two aspirins, which she had difficulty swallowing. In minutes things started to improve and she took a normal shower and got dressed. But things still didn’t feel right so we elected to head for the hospital (only 15 minutes away).

They immediately checked her and started running tests and scans, but no signs of a stroke were found. The diagnosis was TIA (transient ischemic attack) and they elected to admit her for at least 24 hours to run some more scans and make sure there were no additional problems. Other than high blood pressure no other problems were found and she was released late in the afternoon on Wednesday.

A few doctor follow-up visits are on the calendar, but otherwise we are back to a normal routine.

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