Self Help

We don't rely entirely on the conventional medical system to take care of our health. Therefore, it requires some guessing and experimentation on our part when we encounter times when we don't feel quite right. And as we listen more attentively to our bodies we notice when some "fine tuning" is appropriate. There is a wealth of information available on the internet as we note on our health page, but it's always best to double check everything, even from the most reliable sources. After living this way for many years we've discovered a few things worth sharing. Naturally we don't say these techniques are suitable for anyone else, but these are some of our observations.

"Your body has the ability to completely heal itself. It just needs your assistance."

- Richard Schulze

Most people suffer from trigger point pain and myofascial pain, which are really muscle knots. We read about this problem several years ago and finally purchase the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook. After just a few applications we were believers! It's impossible to overstate the importance of what this can mean if you have any aches and pains at all. While we highly recommend the workbook, there is a good web site to check out before getting any book: Save Yourself from Trigger Points & Myofascial Pain Syndrome! (they will offer to sell their book after a good introduction; we did not get this book). This might replace the workbook if you also viewed a few of the videos available to refine the techniques. The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook is the number one health book we have ever owned and we use the techniques every day!