Treasure Hunting


Barbara began metal detecting in the mid-1970's and took trips to some of the Caribbean islands to hunt for relics. In 1985 she went to work at Kellyco, the largest treasure hunting equipment dealer in the world. Among her duties was that of guiding treasure hunting groups to some of the same islands that she had visited a decade earlier. And of course in her spare time she hunted for coins, jewelry, and relics in many places around the U.S.


Jack started detecting in 1980 while taking camping trips. In 1983 he became a full-time treasure hunter. This included a couple of summers dredging gold in the North Georgia mountains and lots of diving in fresh water lakes around Florida along with searching for Spanish ship wrecks in the Gulf of Mexico.


We gave up treasure hunting in 1995 when we moved to Alabama. It was time to move on to other interests, but we had a great time!

The Family That Hunts Together...

Garrett Metal Detectors interviewed us in 1992 and published a nice article that sums it up pretty well. The picture below is the cover of their sale catalog containing the article. It shows Charlie Garrett (1932-2015), a great treasure hunter that we both knew.

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