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We are devoted Apple Computer users and spend a lot of time at our computers. We each have our own computer, which are both 27" iMacs. Plus we have a 13" MacBook Pro laptop and an iPad.

Why do we like the Macs? Well, we're untroubled by viruses, hackers, widespread security problems, pop-up/under ads, crappy software, abusive monopolies and spyware. Our family members all prefer Windows machines (except Brian has a couple of Macs), so obviously they don't agree with us.

We use several browsers and change to suit the circumstances. Barbara uses Apple's Safari while Jack prefers Google Chrome.High-speed internet access is via Charter Communications, now called Spectrum.
Thunderbird is the choice for an e-mail client. It's free.
Thunderbird mail.
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I enjoy playing with the computer and I've done a the following web sites for hobbies and other interests.

Personal sites (only of interest to us):

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If you are interested in a place to host web pages we use 1&1, one of the largest services, and have been pleased with their service. Just having your own personalized e-mail address (or dozens if you wish) is worth the price.

Click on the banner to check out their various packages.
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Macresource forums is a great place to keep up to date on everything Mac.
MacInTouch, a daily read for a good round-up of what's new.
MacUpdate has all the latest changes and application information.
MacRumors keeps on top of the latest news (and rumors).
DealMac is the first place to look for what is on sale and who has the best prices.
MacWorld is another fine site for all the latest news.
Other World Computing is the best source for memory & accessories.
A few blogs.
We don't have a blog, but they are interesting to read and there are 1,000's of them.
Mark Sisson's Daily Apple is one of the few that I read every day; it's devoted to health issues.
Zen Habits is another one I like to check frequently; he's a great writer.
Wandering Earl, "The Life of a Permanent Nomad" is interesting.
Dr. Mark Sircus' Blog is a wide-ranging selection of articles covering health, politics, lifestyles, and much more.