2007 Gospel Steel Guitar Show

Our tenth annual trek to Indianapolis for this wonderful show was outstanding as usual. It was a smooth trip both ways, but we did manage to pay $3.05 per gallon for gas in Indiana. We missed our friend Leonard T. Zinn, but he had a special event in Hawaii; I'm sure he will be there next year.

The outstanding band included:

  • Chuck Spires, Joe Arview & Wayne Smith on lead guitar;
  • Roy Rosetta on keyboard;
  • Pen Pennington & Rob McKeithen on bass guitar;
  • Ron Stroupe & Steven Spires on drums;
  • Vocals by Rob Parker & Rob McKeithen.

Performers this year

  1. Cliff Waterman
  2. Fred Justice
  3. John Hughey
  4. Austin Stewart
  5. Wayne Smith
  6. Al Svenddal
  7. Doug Jernigan
  8. David Spires
  9. Mike Sigler
  10. Rob Parker
  11. Jerry Newberry
  12. Dennis Robison & family
  13. Tim Patterson
  14. K.C. Childs

Doug & Stevie Rolfe

Our thanks to Stevie and Doug Rolfe for all their efforts to make this event memorable!

Pictures and information about some of these players are also in previous reports (2004, 2005, 2006).

A few of the artists in no particular order.

Fred Justice

Fred Justice again came all the way from Globe, Arizona. He brought just about anything a steel player needs so we could all stock up. Fred played both days and we all liked his unique selections.

John Hughey

John Hughey was back with us again this year and playing wonderfully! Not only is he a supreme picker, but he's as nice as they come. Check out his web site for an amazing biography.

John is a Steel Guitar Hall of Fame member.

Mike Sigler

Mike Sigler is an amazing talent with great arrangements that showcase his own style.

Doug Jernigan

Doug Jernigan joined us again and also held a workshop on Friday. Every steel player knows of Doug and his beautiful playing of all types of music. A superstar of the steel.

Austin Stewart

Austin Stewart is 12 this year and is now taking a back seat to no player. His playing is the envy of all ages. Truly a master in the making. And he's having more fun now too.

Jerry Newberry

Jerry Newberry is Austin's mentor and grandfather. Jerry recently lost over 20 pounds and was looking great, and, of course, picking great.

Rob Parker

Rob Parker is every steel player's friend with his great vocal ability; he sang several moving songs. But he is also a fine steel picker and played in the tough opening slot on Saturday morning. The red socks are a long-standing tradition.

Wayne Smith

Wayne Smith didn't feel well, but he played on Saturday and sounded fine. And he also played lead guitar for some of the pickers.

Al Svenddal

Al Svenddal always has a good time. He's now moved to Nashville, but still tells his Norwegian jokes.

Dennis Robison

Dennis Robison heads up a musical family and can hold his own with the best of players. He does a version of Exodus that makes everyone stop and listen; really dramatic. That's his son, Jay, in the background playing keyboard and son, Justin, on bass.

Joe Robison

Joe Robison did the vocals for dad and then also played the drums. Everybody in this family is talented!

Patti Robison

Patti Robison is Dennis' wife and does many touching vocals. Here she sings with her daughter while Steven Spires plays the drums.

Tim Patterson

Tim Patterson returned again this year to bless us with some of his "Sacred Steel" music. It's a style popularized in the Black churches, and we all enjoyed it also.

K. C. Childs

K. C. Childs was here for the first time this year with some of his Sacred Steel arrangements. His daughter accompanied him on the guitar.

David Spires

David Spires was able to find a break in his schedule as the steel player for Jo Dee Messina. He also is from a musical family and his dad always plays lead guitar for this show and his younger brother, Steven, plays the drums for most of the performers. David traditionally closes the show.