2004 Gospel Steel Guitar Show

We attended our favorite event of the year on April 30 and May 1, 2004; the Gospel Steel Guitar Show in Indianapolis, Indiana. This was number 7 for us and it is always great to see all our old friends and meet new ones. Some of the highlights are covered below in no particular order.

John Hughey
One of Jack's favorite steel players of all time is John Hughey, who spent over 20 years playing for Conway Twitty and 12 years with Vince Gill. John is off the road these days, but still plays a lot and is a mainstay at this show. He and his wife, Jean, are a joy to all.

At the right side of the picture is Chuck Spires who plays lead guitar for the entire show. His son, David, is an accomplished steel player who has performed on the show for years.
Austin Stewart
Last year we had the pleasure of seeing an 8 year old player who left us amazed. This year Austin Stewart is 9 and playing better than ever. Austin is home schooled and has great stage presence.
Jerry Newberry
Austin learned the basics from his grandfather, Jerry Newberry, who is also a very good player. Austin must travel two hours to grandfather's house for each lesson. Jerry's wife is a national bass fishing champion. They are a wonderful, talented family.
Leonard T. Zinn
Leonard T. Zinn is an inspiration to everyone he meets. His music career dates to the 1940's when he played for many notables such as Roy Rogers. He plays rhythm guitar for everyone else during the gospel show and never seems to slow down. But his infectious great attitude and love for life is what he is really known for.

We liked this picture since it appears that Leonard has a halo, which he really does deserve.
Dennis Robison
Dennis Robison is the steel player in the family, but everyone else joins in and together they form the Robison Family group. They all have regular jobs, but somehow find time to serve the Lord by performing at fairs, churches, and other gatherings such as this.
Patti Robison
The second picture shows Patti Robison, the wife of Dennis. When she sings you know it is from the soul. Playing the drums behind her is son Joe.
Robison Family
And the third picture shows more of the family with Jay on keyboard, Justin on bass, Joe singing, and their grandson on the drums. There are a few more members, but they couldn't all be there for this show.
Rob Parker
This last shot shows another multi-talented man, Rob Parker. Many people only know Rob as a singer and his deep baritone voice is always recognizable. But he is also a fine steel guitar player and always plays at this show.

We only show a few of the performers here. Some of the others were:
  • Herby Wallace, who has played for many noted country artists.
  • Randy Beavers. He just had shoulder surgery, but did 2 great sets anyhow.
  • Russ Hicks with his wife, Laney, on vocals.
  • Sonny Curtis and his wife Barbara. Sonny spent years in George Jones' band.
  • Doug Jernigan, who also has played for the best. Recently with Jack Greene.
  • Jack Heern. He's been there since the beginning.
  • David Spires has just been hired by Jo Dee Mesina as her band leader and steel player.
Another great, inspiring weekend with some of the nicest people we have ever known playing and singing some of the greatest music. It doesn't get any better than this!