2005 Gospel Steel Guitar Show

Once again we attended our favorite event of the year on May 6 & 7, 2005; the Gospel Steel Guitar Show in Indianapolis, Indiana. This was our 8th show and it is always great to see all our old friends and meet new ones.

The line-up of performers this year included:

  1. Cliff Waterman
  2. John Hughey*
  3. Ron Elliott
  4. Al Svenddal
  5. Jack Heern
  6. Russ Hicks
  7. Mike Sigler
  8. Doug Jernigan
  9. Rob Parker*
  10. Leonard T. Zinn*
  11. Jerry Newberry
  12. Austin Stewart*
  13. Jerry Roller
  14. Wayne Smith
  15. Tim Patterson

*We have pictures and information about these players on last year's report.

The outstanding band included:

Lead guitar: Chuck Spires & Wayne Smith
Keyboard: Roy Rosetta
Bass guitar: Pat Coyne & Rob McKeithen
Drums: Ron Stroupe & Steven Spires
Rhythm guitar: Leonard T. Zinn
Vocals: Rob Parker & Rob McKeithen

A few of the artists are shown below in no particular order.

Tim Patterson

This was the first visit for Tim Patterson, who plays "Sacred Steel". He played a Sho-Bud single neck, which has had the pedals removed. He brought 4 friends with him and they put on a great set of upbeat, hand-clapping gospel music. It's a different style that was loved by the audience.

Al Svenddal

Al Svenddal from Minnesota, is always a crowd pleaser and you never know what he will do next. His performances are always different from year to year, but they are top notch without fail. And he makes it fun as you can see.

Mike Sigler

Mike Sigler was Holly Dunn's steel player for years until Holly retired to take care of her mother. This was also a first visit for Mike, but we all hope it won't be his last; he is in the running for another job with a major star, so we don't know at this time what his availability will be. And if his fine playing isn't enough, he is a fine singer too.

Russ Hicks

Russ Hicks is another one of those pickers who has done it all and played with many prominent stars. The sound he gets is second to none and his playing is solid and soulful. And he's another one who likes to make it fun!

Ron Elliott

Ron Elliott began his musical career in 1953 playing with Hawkshaw Hawkins. He then joined Stonewall Jackson, and after that worked with Jack Greene for 8 years. He played on the Grand Ole Opry for years and also became a member of Charlie Louvin's band for another 8 years. Ron has a flair for the dramatic and always includes a patriotic song and recognizes all the veterans in the audience. But it is his smooth, heartfelt playing that gets your attention.