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My Simple Philosophical Statement

Co-operation instead of competition, generosity instead of greed, patience instead of haste, and sufficiency instead of indulgence.

The traditional Hindu social model is also one that I find realistic. It defines four distinct periods in life during which people can and should do certain things.

  1. Brahmic conduct (Brahmacharya) is the student stage, during which one learns about oneself and the world.
  2. Householder (Grihastha) is the stage of family and societal obligations.
  3. Forest dweller (Vanaprastha) is where one is freer to begin a contemplative life.
  4. Renunciation (Samnyasa) is where one goes deeper, surrendering all worldly things and living as a simple mendicant.
Living by this model makes one aware of the impermanence of each stage of life and, of course, of all worldly things. I have been in the contemplative stage for some time and look forward to moving more into the renunciation phase (although I realize that I will probably never arrive at the simple mendicant level).

“The future is uncertain but the end is always near”Heard in a bar, 1962

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